12 Awesome DIY Furniture Makeover Ideas That WIll Impress You

When for the first time we get in to our home we want to see it perfect with all brand new furniture and everything new. But as the time pass the furniture is getting old and and usually we do few refreshments and remodeling after a few years. But what you do with your old furniture. I m sure that almost everyone has at least one piece of furniture that you do not want to throw it away. Maybe there is not enough space for it but instead of throw it away you can completely transform these old furniture pieces into something creative that will fit your interior.
Take a look at these perfect examples, such as turning an old coffee table to a mudroom bench and turning old beds into wonderful benches. These projects are easy to implement but the result is cool.Enjoy!

1.Turn a Small Crib into Stylish Magazine Rack

on 1 source

2.Garage Sale with Color and Wallpaper

on 2 source

3.Turn an Old Vintage Door into a Corner Door Shelf

on 3 source

4.Repurpose Vintage Suitcase into Comfortable Chair

on 4 source

5.Turn Old Beds into Wonderful Benches

on 5 source

6.Turn an Unused Table into a Pair of Stylish and Useful Nightstands

on 6 source

7.Turn an Old Coffee Table to a Mudroom Bench

on 7 source

8.DIY Stylish Ottoman from an Old Coffee Table

on 8 source

9.Repurpose Old Windows to Vintage Coffee Table

on 9 source

10.Turn Old Chair to Funny Swinging Chair

on 10 source

11.Use a Ladder and 2 Wooden Brackets to Make a Decorative Clothes Rack

on 11 source

12.Turn an Old Crib into a Dog Crate

on 12 source

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