12 Best And Absolutely The Most Striking Environmental Campaign Ads We’ve Ever Seen

Dear friends are you worried about the environment are you feel enough environmentally friendly and you care about our mother nature. Probably not, because even if we are aware we somehow destroy our nature on many was and i can sayid on a daily basis. With printing with writing with oil with everything we torture nature in order to get petty treasures. We forget that nature gave us life. We want to pay a bit more attention to our environment and we have made a cool collection od the most striking environmental campaign ads we’ve ever seen. Please look the photos carefully.

’Help us fight the impact of cosmetic testing.’

dl 3 source

dl 4 source

’Plastic bags kill.’

dl 5


’Desertification kills 6000 species a year.’

dl 6 source

’Every 60 seconds, a species dies.’

dl 7 source

dl 8 source

’Stop the abuse.’

dl 9 source

dl 10


’Before it’s too late…’

dl 11 source

dl 12 source

dl 13 source

’15 square kilometers of rainforest disappear every minute.’

dl 14 source

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