12 DIY Ideas To Utilize Styrofoam Building Creative Craft

Again with Do It Yourself Projects we want to enable you to make possible through enjoyment and fun to make some interesting, useful and unique things from materials that you have already in your home or you can buy cheap in a market.  Styrofoam” is just common stretched polystyrene foam, often used for making things like cups, food trays, coolers and different types of packaging material. Have you recently bought some new thing at home and together you got free sample of Styrofoam? Or maybe you were cleaning out the storage and find a Styrofoam that only takes place there?  This kind of landfill, by its volume, is toxic to manufacture and it will last forever without breaking down. Styrofoam has a tall durability and power, making it an excellent packaging material. So next time when you get a package don’t throw out those Styrofoam packing chips. Instead of throwing it away think about recycling or re-purposing it. There are some pretty cool ideas you can make using this kind of material. Try some DIY projects or programs like creating numbers and letters that can be hanged on the walls. Look for some inspiration here and get creating .

1. DIY Sweet Ice Cream

diy ice 1source

2.  Cute covered letters

diy words 2source

3.  Collage Wall Art

diy collage 3source

4. Snow effects

diy snow 4source

5. Paper flower pomanders

di wedding decor 5source

6. Easy octopus craft for kids

diy kids craft 6source

7.   Ball accents decor

diy ball 7 source

8. Gold decor on your wall

diy wallsource

9. Recycled  Styrofoam Wasll Organizer

diy craft 9source

10.  Scrapbook paper on Styrofoam

diy styrofoam 10source

11.  Creative picture frame

diy frame 11 source

12. Fake wall panel

diy wall 12source

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