14 Creative Restyle and Repurpose Ways To Give New Life On Old Pieces Of Clothes

 Fashion designers and fashion houses are working hard every new season continuously on launching new fashion garments in never ending circle, which in the world of fashion become out and obsolescent very fast and quickly end up forgotten in a bunch of clothes in our closet, or in worst way end up in landfill. Creative and talented people who have sense for refashioning, and clever ones who won’t damage the environment, exciting garments of clothes and shoes are giving new life  and making in the same time new pieces of modern clothes. Old clothes are not absent from the closet of many girls, they just take space that could be used for actual clothing that are wear. But there are always some favorable pieces that we cannot apart from, because of its fabric or some memories connected with it. That is why the recycling and re-purposing of old clothing projects is getting interesting and funny activity among the internet and blogging. There are many ideas for crafting you can create from old clothing with transforming, sewing, drawing or using accessories.  Read on for 14 creative ways of restyling and re-purposing to give new life on old pieces of clothes.

1. Simplified gladiator style

diy shoes 1source

2. Beaded fringe west

diy top 2source

3. Beautiful lace sleeveless  inserted tank

diy lace to 3source

4.Colorful Beach bag

diy bag 4source

5. Macrame back shirt

diy tshirt 5source

6. Shoulders off top

diy off top 6source

7. Cats on t-shirt

diy cat stamp 7source

8. High-Waisted denim shorts

diy denim 8source

9. Easy Fringe t-shirt

diy fringe tshirt 9source

10. Stylish warped skirt

diy skirt 10source

11. DIY summer sandals

diy porn sandals 11source

12. Sexy summer dress

diy sexy dress 12source

13. Open back blazer

diy blazer 13source

14. Funny colorful shorts

diy flower shortsource

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