12 Great and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Chia Seeds

There are many foods and drinks we daily heard about from our friends or family, reading on the internet  or watching on some TV program about the healthy  nutrition value they poses and many reasons why we should start to incorporate some of it in our daily meals and nutrition. Commonly we are often meeting with the small balls named chia seeds. Chia seeds are between the healthiest foods on the planet. Nowadays famous as ‘super food’, chia seed gain huge popularity among the audience that give head to a regular and healthy way of nutrition. They are filled with nutrients that have important benefits for our body and brain.  Chia seeds are filled with many proteins and five times more calcium than milk.  They contain high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, soluble fiber, potassium and antioxidants. There are a variety of reasons why these small balls are resurfaced as a very healthy food. Chia uses help in weight lose, in reducing blood pressure, helps in diabetes cases, build muscles, boost energy and metabolism, skin’s repair systems , dental help on top of the expertise you will get from a visit with the Dentist In Altamonte Springs and so on . And the great thing about this seeds is that they can be ingredient for a variety of food receipts. Keep reading to learn some of the 12 delicious recipes and start to enjoy eating chia seeds.

1. Chia seed Pudding

There are different ways to customize it. You can change the flavor, the texture, the sweetener or the color , or simply to add some chocolate or fresh fruits.

chia 1source

2. Toppings

Adding chia seeds on the top of your breakfast will make it more healthy and energetic.

chia 2source

3.  Chia seed muffins

Mix them into delicious muffins or pancakes and enjoy in the very healthy and nutritious recipe.

chia 3source

4. Chia blast smoothie

Perfect for this hot summer days, chia smoothie bowl includes both fruit and vegetables, depending on your desire and choice.

chia 4source

5. Chia Seed Salad

Many combinations of vegetables can be mixed with chia seed to make your favorite salad.

chia 5source

6. Bake them in to bread

Try to combine chia with sunflower, sesame, and poppy seeds. You will get  everything from all those seeds, and you will get a delicious bread perfect for morning toast or  sandwiches.

chia 6source

7.  Turn them into a  delicious spread

Make your own home made jam using any fruits you like.

chia 7source

8. Simple chia water drink

Perfect morning natural antioxidant that  create positive health effects on your body and mind.

chia 8source

9.On-the-Go Snacks

There are already many ready-made snacks that contain chia seeds as a primary ingredient but you can try some home made recipes.

chia 9source

10. Chia seed pancakes

Always on the menus. This time try some different flavor using chia seeds to make your sweet pancakes.

chia 10source

11.Lemon Chia Seed cake dessert


12. Chia Ice pops

Make water based frozen snacks adding chia seeds and refresh all summer long with this yummy Popsicle.

chia 12source

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