12 Most Stylish and Luxury Women’s Watches for 2016

The main purpose why they are used most commonly is changed when we talk about the one of the latest fashion trends that is taking great burst, the very popular accessories among the male and female public, the luxury watches. Not only that we need them to see the time, but they are becoming compulsory and requisite key style elements nowadays. Watches are coming in many different oblique’s, colors, styles and sizes, each one with special and uniqueness characteristic that picture the diverse watch brands around the world of accessories. Most recently, this kind of must have piece of jewelry is worn as a functional accessory or a stylish piece of jewels b both men and women. It is suitable for ever women to wear a watch in any occasion and setting, thereto being appropriate styled and perfectly matched to the whole outfit. Like for every kind of jewelry so and for watches have guidelines that should be followed in order to wear this luxury properly. The fashion trend for 2016 ladies luxury watches are all about colors, decorations, sparkles, and gorgeous belts, pick your favorite fashionable timepiece that will suit perfect on your hand through our choice of brands.

1.Sofia watch by D&G

watch 1source

2. Rose gold watches by Burberry

watch 2


3. Hublot’s modern watches

watch 3source

4. Unusual hybrid by Georg Jensen

watch 4source

5. Louis Vuitton collection with dazzling diamonds

watch 5source

6. Bulgari serpenti collection

watch 6source

7. Jaquet  Droz lady 8 Flower

watch 7source

8. Ultra-feminine model by Hublot

watch 8source

9.  Dior timepieces

watch 9source

10. Patek Philippe white luxury

watch 10source

11. Rolex Date-just Ladies Watch

watch 11source

12. Pavonina highlight launch



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