12 The Most Practical Uses Of Rubber Band That Will Blow Your Mind

The most common uses of rubber ban is to hold the things together for better organizing but if you think that this is only one use of rubber band that you are definitely wrong.
This little household thing has a lot more uses that you can think of and all these uses are very practical and helpful. Cool uses that will make your life easier and you will be surprised of the practical use of this common household item. Watch these 12 ideas below. Enjoy!

1.Keep clothes from slipping off hangers

gk 1 source

2.Open jars

Open a jar using two rubber bands—one on the lid and the other around the jar for better grip.

gk 2 source

3.Keep a cutting board from slipping

gk 3 source

4.Keep doors from locking

I do this all the time to keep my little ones from locking themselves in.

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5.Create the perfect French manicure

Tie a rubber band in the middle and use it as a guide to paint the perfect French tips. Use a different rubber band (or a different part of the same rubber band) for each nail to keep your tips neat. Apply small amounts of polish at a time for best results.

gk 5 source

6.Unscrew stripped screws

Don’t panic if the grooves on a screw have been stripped. Place a rubber band over the head before inserting a screwdriver. Firmly turn the screwdriver to remove the screw.

gk 6 source

7.Limit kids’ soap use

Twist rubber bands around the pump nozzle so only a limited amount of soap will dispense.

gk 7 source

8.Mark glasses at a party

gk 8 source

9.Keep a wobbly shower caddy still

Because nobody wants to worry about soap falling down in the shower.

gk 9 source

10.Keep a book together while traveling

gk 10 source

12.Prevent a mixing spoon from falling into a bowl full of food

gk 11 source

12.Keep a sliced apple from browning

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