13 Incredibly Funny Photos Showing That Kids Can Fall A Sleep Literally Anywhere

Our kids are absolutely the cutest thing that has ever happened in our life. While they are babies they only cry not understand so good what is actually all around them but as they grow they are becoming much more interesting and playful and i love them all. But when they play all day they also spent their energy and guess what comes next? The fall a sleep literally anywhere. Below you can see a few photos that prove that. Taka a look and have fun!

Do you think he’s comfortable? I’m not so sure…

ne 1 source

You need a lot of stamina to stay up for Santa Claus.

ne 2 source

This is so much better than sleeping in my bed…

ne 4


Of course! If you sleep here, the monsters can’t hide under the bed!

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Wake me up when we reach the seaside.

ne 5 source

Oh won’t somebody save him!

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Patience…he’ll wake up in a minute…

ne 7 source

If you tire out dad like that, he’ll end up sleeping like a baby as well!

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Shopping can be hard work!

ne 9 source

A pillow? What do I need one of those for?

ne 10 source

It seems breakfast wasn’t that interesting.

ne 11 source

That’s an incredible sense of balance he’s got there.

ne 12 source

They told me to keep an eye on dad. I couldn’t manage it…

ne 13 source

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