14 DIY Easy and Non-Complex Projects For Summer Fun

The loved summer is here. Weather is warming up, gardens are becoming green and flowers are blooming. We are all in a good mood and cool vibes when it comes to word about the hot, sunny and long summer days. We have enough time for ourselves and some more fun to do in these days.  The summer is inspiration not only to be out and chilling in our gardens enjoying the sun lights, but it is filled with opportunities for doing diverse activities. There are no limits to the different funny and great things you can do around the house, inside and outside when staying at home. Importing freshness and coolness in your home is always a good idea. There are many available things at home that you don’t like the way they are and simply you want to change the way they look, or just you don’t need them in the condition they are used to be.  You can use this summer some of them and surprise others with something unique .We recommend for this summer 14 easy and non-complex DIY projects that will bring you bonded fun and will help you to introduce newness in your home or garden.

1. Paper pinwheel

summer diy 1source

2. Colorful Fairy Lights

summer diy 2source

3.Practical outdoor rug

summer diy 3source

4. Indigo Market Bag

summer diy 4source

5. Tropical DIY flowers

summer diy 5source

6. Vintage Handkerchief decor

summer diy 6source

7.Magazine coasters

summer diy 7source

8. Lemonade Vase

summer diy 8source

9. DIY Sunglasses case

summer diy 9source

10. Summer hammock

summer diy 10source

11. Cheerful Hand Made Coffee cups

summer 12source

12. Decorative colored garden pots

summer 12source

13. Ice cream ornament

summer 13source

14. Mason Jar Bags

summer diy 14source



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