17 Delicious and Healthy Breakfast ideas you should insert in your recipes

No suspicion that you’ve heard too that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of the recent studies show the important role of breakfast and highlight that eating in the morning is essential for healthy and strong body. There is huge number of incredible health benefits and also weight management.  Starting the day with well prepared morning breakfast will boost your metabolism, give you energy to start your day, keep your blood sugar levels stable, keep your heart healthy, maintain a healthy weight and may help you to slim down,  improve your attentiveness and efficiency and can build a great variation in your mood and looks. These are some reasons why you should not skip your morning meal and eat healthy foods each morning. Breakfast should be a must for all of us; after all it is just a matter of routine, so eat early after getting up.   Because of its importance, we give you 17 ideas for delicious and healthy breakfast ideas to try in the mornings.  Simple but yummy, fresh fruit smoothies, egg specialties or French toast are some of the breakfast options you should insert in your recipe book .


1.Sweet Berry Omelette

food 1source

2. Green Avocado toast

food 2source

3. Vegetarian Egg Muffins

food 3source

4.Crunchy breakfast cereal

food 4source

5. Delicious Cheesy Mushroom Scramble

food 5source

6. Quick green breakfast

food 6source

7. Tropical smoothie

food 7source

8. Get up and go muffin breakfast

food 8source

9.Cheese & corn pancakes

food 9source

10. Sweet Apples

food 10source

11. Homemade version for  pop tarts

food 11source

12. Healthy version of banana french toast

food 12source

13. Original grapefruit Greek yogurt cake

food 13source

14. Backed Eggs recipe

food 14source

15.Breakfast bread pudding

food 15source

16. Asparagus ricotta tart perfection

food 16source

17.Breakfast stuffed peppers

food 17source

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