14 Magical Christmas DIY Decorations That Will Make Your Holidays More Spectacular than Ever

Maybe you will say why we are writing this post now or maybe it is late for a christmas and e.t.c but it is not so far and our euphoria for this big holidays come together with the colder weather and together with the long expected surprises, great parties and e.t.c.
The big holiday is on the way and we want to give you more stunning ideas for more fun on this holiday and we want you to pass it unforgettable. For just that reason in this post you will see the most creative and as we say the most magical DIY Christmas Decoration that you must make it. Do this in your home and you will see very happy faces and the pleasant. Taka a look at the photos below and choose the best for you. Enjoy and do this super decorating surprises for your loved ones.

1.Santa Hat Chair Covers

jg 1 source

2.Vintage Inspired Stockings!

jg 2 source

3.Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

jg 3 source

4.DIY Gingham Stars For Christmas Decor

jg 4 jg 6 source

5.Rustic Snowflake Tutorial

jg 7 source

6.How To Make A Waterless Snow Globe

jg 8 source

7.Sock Snowman Craft

jg 9 source

Snowman Mason Jars


8.Lovely Ribbon and Beads Christmas Timber

jg 10 source

Wonderful Pine Cone Christmas Trees



9.Create a Wondrous Winter Wonderland in a Jam Jar

jg 11 source

10.Make DIY Snowman Votives out of wine glasses!!

jg 12 source

11.Giant craft stick snowflakes

jg 13 source

12.DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CD

jg 14 source

13.Stemware Snow Globes

jg 15 source

Glitter Christmas Lights



jg 16 source

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