15 Life-Changing Winter Hacks That Will Help You Deal With This Cold Season On The Easiest Way

The winter could be really bad season if you have no luck and knowledge how to deal with it. The cold weather definitely is not welcome to all of us but what about the show joy mostly we all enjoy when it has snow. there are a various problems and struggles that could happen like: shoveling, car stuck in the driveway, frozen locks, slipping on ice and every other little thing that winter brings with it that could ruin your whole day. this are just a few of the reasons why we need more than ever useful winter hacks that will make our life easier and more practical especially in these cold season.
There is a small but useful collection of some winter hacks that could help you handle with the cold season. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Putting a layer of tinfoil against the wall will reflect the heat back into the room

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2.Use Pipe Insulation to Fill Gaps Below Doors

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3.Make your own winter windshield washer fluid

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4.Open the curtains when the sun is out

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5.Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise

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6.Screw some screws on the sole of your shoes to keep you from slipping

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7.Stick your windshield wipers in the air and cover them with old socks

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8.Make Your Own Energy-Saving Thermal Curtains

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9.Heat & Clean Traction Mats

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10. When you can’t unlock a door because the lock is frozen, heat your key with a lighter and try unlocking again. It will work

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11.If the windshield get frozen and you don’t have a windshield scraper, any non-metal spatula of a credit card will remove the ice nicely.

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12.diy: wool insoles

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13.Terra Cotta Pot Heater

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14.Miscellaneous Hacks

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15.Making the most of orange season (& why you shouldn’t toss your orange peel)

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