15 Of The Best and Simple Genius Kitchen Tips That Nobody Told You About

Hey dear friends we are again here for you to share the best tips and life hacks that will make your life easier. Now we want to make your kitchen job easier like never before. Below you can see a collection of tips and cheats to save you time, some bucks and sanity in your time spent in kitchen.
When it comes to cooking, baking, preparing and cleaning in the kitchen there is always something hard that could take off the whole time that you have been planning for anything else. Now we want to change this and with these has the kitchen job will be full with fun. These cheats and hacks are simply genius and you need to know them. Enjoy!

1.How to zest a lemon

ene 1 source

2.Multi-purpose holder from kitchen whisk

ene 2 source

3.How To Freeze Fresh Herbs

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4.Kitchen Tip: Milk

ene 4 source

5.Kitchen Tip Series tips on Lettuce

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6. Tip: Drain Fat From Cooked Meat

ene 6 source

7.Best Pasta Boiling Tip EVER

ene 8 source

8.Tennis Ball Jar Opener

ene 9 source

9.How to Gill and Cut Portobello Mushrooms

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10.Keeping Lettuce for Two Weeks

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11.Peeling a whole head of garlic in just seconds! Really!

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12.Slicing Corn off the Cob

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13.Kitchen tip: DIY panini press

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14.Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe

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15.Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

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15.Super Terrific Tip for Speed-Peeling Potatoes!

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