14 Funny, Cheap Imitations That Will Crack You Up

Cheap imitation is an issue difficult to solve since these products are way cheaper than the originals and they more or less look like their more expensive counterparts. Are you about to take an imitation of your desired original if you could not afford the original? There are thousands of the imitation everywhere around us and for every brand there is a imitations and this is fact. But probably the presented below are the funniest that you have ever seen. Check out below and enjoy!

1.The iPhone trainer, take your shoe of and dial a couple of mates on your walk home

end 1 source

2.You ain’t down with the kids unless you’ve got Nake on your back

end 2 source

3.Not a fan of the colour to be honest

end 3 source

4.Pear phones…way juicier than Apple

end 4 source

5.Worst hiking shoes ever?

end 5 source

6. At least it’s compatible with PlayStation

end 6 source

7. Kentucky Fried Goat?

end 7 source

8.Boris will be claiming these as his soon.

end 8 source

9.Specialman, one of the all time greats.

end 9 source

10.Do they pay their taxes?

end 10 source

11. Looks like old Johnnie Worker was drinking way too much of his own supply

end 11 source

12.Mike – making underground footwear since the 1980’s by the look of it.

end 12 source

13.Pizza Huh, this place has attitude….

end 13 source

14.Could do with some furniture…

end 14 source

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8 years ago

if it weren’t RED labial i just might get some

Robbie Meriales
Robbie Meriales
8 years ago

The iPhone stove

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