15 Surprisingly Genius Things You Can Do With Old Newspapers

My friends from now you will never think about throwing your old newspapers. There are pretty much ingenious uses of then that probably you never new.

In this article we have made a spectacular list full with cool ideas of using the old newspapers that you need to know.
Recycle it, of course — but recycling doesn’t always mean tossing it into a bin so it can be reincarnated.
Before you send the funny pages — and every other section — to that big paper pile in the sky, consider using it for something else, like wrapping gifts, washing windows, preventing garden weeds, making origami sculptures, and so much more. There are several ideas below check them out and enjoy.

1.Absorb funky smells and leaks in your vegetable drawer.

gy 1 source

2.Block weeds from growing in your garden

Lay down about 5-7 sheets of newspaper over a weed-prone area and spray with water to keep the newspaper from flying away on windy days. Cover with mulch or fallen leaves. The newspaper prevents weeds from germinating and feeds the soil as it breaks down.

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3.Wrap presents using the comics or business and money sections

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4.Lay newspaper under a tablecloth to shield your wood table from spills and other damage.

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5.Clean mirrors and windows.

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6.Build the frame for a fort

You only need newspapers, a stapler, and masking tape to build this fort. And yes, it’s totally sturdy enough to hold a light blanket or sheet draped over the top!

gy 6 source

7.Keep the shape of shoes and purses when they’re not in use

gy 7 source

8.Ripen fruit faster by wrapping individual pieces in newspaper

Ethylene gas is released from fruits and vegetables as they ripen. By wrapping them in paper, you’re trapping the ethylene gas and accelerating the ripening process.

gy 8 source

9.Sop up spills

gy 9 source

10.Absorb leftover food smells in a plastic container.

Stuff a piece of balled up newspaper into a plastic container and seal. Leave the newspaper overnight to neutralize odors.

gy 10 source

11.Prevent mud and dirt from staining the carpet in your car.

gy 11 source

12.Protect your table during messy seafood meals or kids’ arts and crafts projects.

gy 12 source

13.Catch drips and absorb odors in your trash can.

gy 13 source

14.Dry wet boots quickly by stuffing them with newspaper.

gy 14 source

15.Use strips of newspaper and rubbing alcohol to create nail art.

gy 15 source

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