16 Highly Striking Architectural Buildings That Has Emerged in UK

All around the world there are places and cities that are in possession of some beautifully designed piece of architectural art.  When we travel, no matter is the reason touristic, business or some adventure we are in a good chance to appreciate some of the world famous buildings, ranging from some historical constructions, beautifully detailed buildings to some towering works of manufacturing whose height seem to touch the sky.  It is impossible to not be impressed when you stand in front of some sleek geometric designs or stunning modern buildings. The world of architectural design is never boring, but interesting field that is filled with different sorts of architectural landmark and therefore we’re attracted to those famous buildings.  United Kingdom is home of many historical and modern buildings and loads of beauty spots that deserve to be mentioned and preferably to be seen.

In this article we explore 16 of highly striking buildings that has emerged in UK in last few years, that has been also prize winning appreciated by Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA)  as the best architecture of 2016. So relax and be inspired through these amazing constructions that for sure will take your breath.

1. The latest  interior rendering of the Blavatnik School of Government

uk 1source

2.The gleaming stainless-steel facade of Zaha Hadid’s Building

uk 2source

3. Drawing Studio, Arts University Bournemouth

uk 3source

4. AHMM  distinctive curved glass design

uk 4source

5.National Theatre (NT Future) by Haworth Tompkins

uk 5source

6.Spacious and  luxurious Danish-brick-clad house

uk 6source

7.Living  roofs add a shock of green to the façade of the Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool

uk 7source

8.Regent  High School by Walters and Cohen

uk 8source

9. Modern building integrated in landscape

uk 9source

10. 5 Pancras Square

uk 10source

11. Sheffild Cathedral

uk 11source

12.  Flint House of the year

uk 12source

13. The Foundry

uk 13source

14. Kew Green Conservation Area

uk 14source

15.  University of Greenwich Stockwell Street Building

uk 15source

16. NEO Bankside

uk 16source

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