18 Deliciously Chilly Fridge And Freezer Summer Treats On Stick Recipes

Mm…, delicious, fresh, cold, colorful, healthy, words that perfectly describe those summer treats on sticks.  We adore the summer and hot summer days, but we also call for right way for cooling down and then to really enjoy in summer feeling.  When the temperature’s rising and you have a strong thirst for something refreshing enough, a homemade ice pop could be the perfect way to quench a thirst. You can find a lot of delicious and yummy recipes that are great for whole family and need little time for preparation, no cooking involved just great desire and creativity. This frozen treats, not only that are easy and simple for making, but depend on your ingredients choice that you will use, could be also in a healthy variation and free of sugars and fat.  And every time you can make ice pops with different favor and different color. Use lemons, oranges, kiwi, mango, bananas or all kind of berries and fruits that you like  in just right combination with yogurt or coconut and you will be positive surprised of these dozens of inventive frozen  desserts. Get ready and be prepared to make some of the 18 deliciously chilly and refresh fridge treats on stick we’ve got pick out for you.

1.Bright-fuchsia-red-orange ice pops

ice pop 1source

2. Frozen yogurt ice pops

ice pop 2source

3. Healthy coconut ice pops

ice pop 3source

4. Strawberry Popsicle

ice pop 4source

5. Green Tickles: kiwi- pineapple mix

ice pop 5source

6.Blood ice pops

ice pop 6source

7.  Frozen fruit pops

ice pop 7source

8.Sweet  meets heat in summer-ready watermelon popsicle

ice pop 8source

9. Wonder foods in ice pops

ice pop 9source

10. Caramelized ice pops

ice pop 10source

11. Sweet refreshing summertime treat


12. Confetti  candy  bar on a Popsicle stick

ice pop 12source

13. Rainbow layered ice pops

ice pop 13source

14. Mango favor ice pops

ice pop 14source

15. Fruity- citrus pops

ice pop 15source

16. Melon and cherry mix on stick

ice pop 16source

17.Dark chocolate lover’s delight

pop ice 17source

18. Blue colored ice pops

ice pop 18source

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