14 Awesome and Brilliant DIY Coffee Mugs Projects That Are Easy To Make

In the kitchen could be seen plenty of coffee mugs, cocoa cups and tea glasses.  All those are different in colors, shape and design. We constantly buy new ones, especially those that are coffee lovers. But, every one of us has for sure one favorite coffee or tea mug. That is our mug that we search for some reason we always to drink in it. Maybe it is special gift to us, has unique oblique, is colored in our beloved color or simply looks great and is favorable among the others in the kitchen.  If you are in a mood to make your own kind of designed coffee mug, today you are on the perfect place. It is interesting that really we have huge choice of mugs on the market, but if  you are looking to find some unique, carefully designed and handmade that will cost you nothing, you should try some of these 14 awesome and brilliant ideas  that we find for you to glamorize and add special note to your own mugs. The choice is great, from messages that you can write on it, glittering, paintings with different techniques to drawing initials, dots or hearts.  Be creative and try to make a personalized coffee cup for you or a loved one.

1.Tape Painted Coffee Mugs

diy mugs 1source

2. Sweetheart Mugs

diy mugs 2source

3. Initial Mugs

diy mugs 3source

4.Colorful dot mug

diy mugs 4source

5.Paint splatter mug

diy mugs 5source

6.Glitter dipped coffee mug

diy mugs 6source

7. Watercolor mug

diy mugs 7source

8. Hand-print coffee mug

diy mugs 8source

9. Super cute and colorful mugs

diy mugs 9source

10.Customized message on tea mugs

diy mugs 10source

11.Chalkboard mug

diy mugs 11source

12. Spray painted cups

diy mugs 12source

13. Mustache coffee cup

diy mugs 13source

14.Beautiful diy coffee mug

diy mugs 14source

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