20 Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts For The Most Spectacular Holiday

As winter is closing up, the big holiday is also on the way. It is always a great feeling when we are preparing for Christmas. It is excellent and spectacular if we do something unique and make an excellent surprise for loved ones. Today, we have chosen some unique but wonderful and creative toilet paper roll Christmas crafts made from a paper roll. 

Once you see these creative designs, you will never throw away your toilet paper rolls again. It’s a perfect time to use them in your Christmas decoration. You are going to make some excellent Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls that haven’t even crossed your mind. Scroll down to see some creative DIY Christmas decorations with toilet rolls below, make your picks and get down to work to recreate them!

1. A Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are always in trend, no matter the season, no matter the holiday. They come in tons of different styles and designs, and this is why they are so interesting and popular all year round. When it comes to Christmas, they are also plenty of materials that you can use. I bet that toilet paper rolls were not the first materials to come to mind, but you can actually make a fantastic wreath out of them. This wreath requires some cutting, some painting and some gluing. How do you like the idea?

toilet paper roll ornaments 2020source

2.Toilet Paper Roll SANTA

Does your Christmas tree seem somehow empty? Why don’t you make some DIY ornaments to fill it and give it a cooler and more unique look?

toilet roll christmas decorations 2020source

3.Toilet Paper Christmas Tree For Kids

Are you kids in the mood to create and decorate a Christmas tree? Get as many toilet paper rolls as you can and help them to recreate this amazing tree for their room.

toilet paper roll christmas treesource

4.Make a Santa Claus From a Paper Roll!

A Santa Claus ornament for the Christmas tree made out of toilet paper roll is an excellent idea. Not only that you will keep yourselves busy and productive, but you will also have some unique decorations for the holiday.

toilet paper roll christmas ornamentssource

5.Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

When creating the ornaments feel free to use lots of sparkles and sequins to make your Christmas tree shine!

DIY toilet paper ornamentssource

 6.Roll Thistle Ornament

You would have never guessed that the toilet paper rolls crafts can look so stunning and beautiful, wouldn’t you?

diy christmas decorations with toilet rollssource

7.Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Reindeer decorations are one of my favorite decorations ever, so I’m looking forward to making this reminder as soon as possible. Are you willing to give it a try?

toilet paper roll holiday craftssource

8.Handprint Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll

DIY toilet paper roll source

9.Cardboard Tube Children & Snowmen

By making these decorations you can inspire your kids to be creative, and come up with stories with these figures. Involve them in the crafts and they will be super excited to play with them later for sure.

diy christmas ornaments toilet paper rollsource

10.Count Down Calendar

The count down calendar will cost you literally no money, so this is why it’s very important that you start collecting the rolls on time. Attach them together on a piece of fabric, decorate them with some snowflakes here and there and your calendar is ready.

toilet paper rolls christms calendarsource

11.Utensil Holders for Christmas Dinner

The Christmas spirit on the dining room table is a must, so you should definitely consider making the utensil holders for your Christmas dinner.

toilet paper rolls Christmas table decorsource

12.TP Roll Tree Topper

For those of you who are looking for a new Christmas tree topper and aren’t willing to spend money on one but rather do them on your own, here’s an idea. This toilet paper roll star looks truly magnificent!

christmas tree toilet paper roll decorsource

13.Christmas Choir

Christmas is always associated with the choir and carolers, so I believe that you will find the following several crafts pretty inspiring and fun.

toilet paper roll DIY craftssource

14.Toilet paper roll carolers

christmas things to make from toilet rollssource

15.Nativity Craft

toilet paper christmas giftssource


I just love that you can find DIY projects that are suitable for different ages, so you can adapt them to your kids age and include them in the activities. They will be happy to give you a hand. Plus, they will be busy for some time which is a bonus for you, isn’t it! Maybe they will get used to making things out of toilet paper rolls, so they will start collecting them for all kind of projects in the future.

easy toilet paper roll crafts for toddlerssource

17.Paper Roll Mice

easy toilet paper roll crafts for kidssource

18.Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

christmas tree toilet paper rollssource

19.Toilet Paper Tube Star Garland

Garlans are especially popular for Christmas, so now you can make yours by reusing the toilet paper rolls in this super interesting way. What do you say about the idea?

toilet paper roll snowflake ornamentsource

20.Coardboard Stars from a Toilet Paper Roll

DIY toilet paper roll starsource


Don’t you think that these toilet paper roll christmas crafts are totally awesome? Which ones are you going to recreate soon or maybe you want some Christmas cards?

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