5 Tips for maintaining your greenhouse

The use of a greenhouse is an economic and efficient method to carry out gardening since it enables you to monitor your plants as well as the condition that they grow in, such as temperature. Plants in greenhouses are known to grow well and are healthy which makes it an efficient method that you may use for gardening. Below are a couple of tips that you can use to maintain your greenhouse.

1.    Clean it regularly

The common idea that people have is that a greenhouse is just like a garden and does not require cleaning since plants grow in dirt. This should not be the case since it is very beneficial to maintain the cleanliness of the greenhouse for the benefit of the plants. Ensure that you clean all the surfaces of the greenhouse with a mild soap regularly, and sweep out any dirt or old, dead plants. Clean the windows often as well so as to let in as much sun as possible which helps the plants to grow well.

2.    Perform pest control

This is a really important task to perform while maintaining your greenhouses. Pests can be quite a problem for many farmers, not only those with greenhouses but also for those who carry out both large and small scale gardening in their backyards, for instance. When bringing plants into your greenhouse, be sure to inspect each and every one of them so as to ensure that you do not bring one infested with pests into the structure. You may fumigate the greenhouse regularly so as to destroy any pests that may be creeping in and to prevent further growth or multiplication.

3.    Monitor the plants daily

Always try to find some time in your day to go to the greenhouse to inspect the plants. This makes it very easy for you to identify any plant with a problem such as a pest infestation or a budding disease. Isolating this plant should be the best course of action to take so as to ensure that the diseases or pests do not spread. Regular inspection will help you to always nip any problems at the bud before they escalate into huge disasters.

4.    Maintain the ventilation system

Air is one of the essential components that guarantee a plant’s health and growth. In greenhouses,  the presence of sufficient air is achieved through the use of a proper, working ventilation system. Every once in a while, perform some maintenance on these ventilation systems such as fans, air ducts or vents so as to allow for proper circulation of air in the area.

5.    Act according to weather

For instance, during winter, you may want to consider heating options for the greenhouse which will keep your plants warm enough for the winter. In the same token, during summer, you may plant a few trees around the greenhouse which will provide some shade for your plants against the sun. All these methods and more are a couple of ways which you may use to suit the needs of your greenhouse despite the weather.

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