7 Brilliant, Handy Household Uses For A Pumice Stone That Will Surprise You

This small – bit of a torture device for removing dry, rough skin from our heels could be used in a different but very practical ways and you need to see them right now. Actually what is pumice it is a type of volcanic rock with extremely light weight but strong enough to be used as an abrasive. It’s used in everything from dental products, to scouring powders, water filtration systems, concrete, grout, potting soil and more. probably you have it at home and as i have mentioned above you use it for your skin but dear friends grab some ideas from below and see these additional uses that will surprise you. Enjoy!

1.Clean Your Oven

og 1 source

2.Manicure Tool

of 2 source

3.Hair Removal

of 3 source

4.De-pill Sweaters

of 4 source

5.Clean Your Toilet

of 5 source

6.Remove Dog and Cat Hair from Upholstery and Carpets

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7.DIY Distressed Jeans

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