Easy Cleaning Tips To Save Effort And Money

Housework is certainly one of the most tedious tasks we have to perform, and on the other hand there is no nicer feeling than when we enjoy a clean home. To have more time to enjoy and clean faster and more efficiently, try some of these easy celaning tips and tricks. Most of us wipe the dust off with rags, but experts say the best option is dust cleaner with holder. It will make it easier and faster to reach hard-to-reach places such as high shelves, frames or under the bed. While it may not help in case of large amounts of dust, it is ideal for quick cleaning when you are in a hurry.

Easy Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Any stainless steel household appliance shines beautifully, but fingerprints and stains easily remain on such material. Mineral oil is ideal for cleaning and preventing stains on such surfaces, but also in washbasins and sinks, for example. It prevents water from accumulating and creating new stains, which means you will have less to do with maintaining such surfaces in the future. If you smoke in your home, the smell of nicotine, which is felt every time you enter the house, is sure to drive you crazy. You can solve this with vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a small bowl and leave it in a less visible place. After a day or two you it will collect all the scents.

Sometimes we are not even aware that unpleasant odors are spreading from the drain in the sink. Just generously pour baking soda into it and pour alcoholic vinegar over it. The mixture will make a foam, then leave it for ten minutes to act and do its thing. During this time, heat a pot of water and when it boils, slowly pour it into the sink to wash away any accumulated dirt in the drain.

Tips For Cleaning Windows

A common mistake is to wash the windows in sunny weather, because then stains will appear due to rapid drying. It is best to wash them in cloudy weather, starting with cleaning the frame. They first need to be brushed or vacuumed to remove larger dust and cobweb particles. Only then start cleaning the windows. Although many recommend cleaning window panes with newsprint, this is not the best solution because, it creates quite a mess and leaves stains from the ink. It is better to choose microfiber cloths, that will best polish the glass.

Dear friend and homeowners i’m sure that you like to live in a clean and neat home but you know, this is not so easy process and it is one of the hardest tasks in our daily live. But dear friends you do not need to worry if you follow our site. You will always get the most amazing hacks and tips that will change your life. For today we have collected 8 extremely useful cleaning hacks that will make your life easier. Take a look below and enjoy!

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