7 Favorite Movie Scenes Before-And-After Visual Effects

A lot of our favorite movies for better cinematic experience are using visual effects. This is common in the moderns movies industry and this really makes all these moves special. Probably you have noticed the effects but have you asked yourself how the movies will look if the visual effects are turned off. Below you can see a few before and after visual effects examples on the some of our favorite movies. Enjoy!

Mad Max: Fury Road

1 2© Kennedy Miller Productions

5 6© Kennedy Miller Productions

Deadly Honeymoon

7 © Kennedy Miller Productions

Iron Man

9 10© Kennedy Miller Productions

Game of Thrones

13 14© Kennedy Miller Productions

35 36© Kennedy Miller Productions


39 40© Kennedy Miller Productions

X-Men: Days of Future Past

49 50© Kennedy Miller Productions

Into the Woods

4948© Kennedy Miller Productions

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