7 Unexpected Movie Mistakes Only Real Film Nerds Would Catch

The movie editors are people too and sometimes that do small mistakes ut does anyone could notice them during the movie? I m not sure ut there are definitely some kind of people i.e movie nerd who watch movies with painstaking detail, just waiting to catch a mistake. From bad science to misplaced props, these people catch everything. Watch below some weird mistakes and explanations. Enjoy!

1.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

During a flashback where April breaks into a research facility, her camera has a bluetooth symbol in it. Bluetooth wasn’t available on cameras in 1999, the year the flashback is set in.

mf 1 source

2.Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When Nick Fury crashes his car, the airbags are clearly visible. In the next shot however, it looks like they never deployed

mf 2 mf 3 source


For the record, pixels are 2D and voxels are 3D.

mf 4 source

4.Django Unchained

During the scene in the Cleopatra Club, a bust of Nefertiti is clearly shown. The movie is set in 1858, and the bust wasn’t discovered by archeologists until 1912.

mf 5 source


This one is for all you structural engineers out there: the Golden Gate Bridge should have collapsed completely after Godzilla snapped the main cables, because of its suspended design. Instead the road stays completely level.

mf 6 source


The film is set in the final days of WWII in 1945. The soldiers mention Tic Tacs in one scene, but the mints weren’t invented until the 1960s.

mf 7 source                                    source

7.Jurassic Park

There’s a problem with the mosquito Dr. Hammond extracted the dino DNA from – it’s male (you can tell by the antennae). Only female mosquitoes drink other species’ blood, meaning that there wouldn’t be any DNA to extract from this insect.

mf 8 source

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