9 DIY Ways For Upcycling IKEA Pieces Into Planters

For all those who love IKEA hacks see bellow some ideas that we found on web . Look how to turn an IKEA Pieces into Planter. Enjoy! 1pendant to a planter (via jadeandfern) 2flower pot of a ceiling lamp (via ikeahackers) 3planter box IKEA hack (via apumpkinandaprincess) 4decorated gold planter (via shelterness) 5hot pink planters (via theproperpinwheel) 6Vastlig bag to a planter (via ikeahackers) 7IKEA plantern (via babble) 8herb garden IKEA hack (via curbly) 9plain white IKEA planters to outdoor ones (via bradybunchremodel)

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