The unique Bigar waterfall in Romania

The Bigar waterfall is called  “the miracle from the Minis gorge” by the locals. The Bigar falls come from the Minis River and flow over an 8-meter wall of moss. The other name of the Bigar waterfall is Coronini, after the 19th century Banat region governor Johann Baptist Coronini-Cronberg. Many other attractions await the passionate traveler in the Bigar-Coronini waterfall area. The Minis gap is one of the most amazing locations in the Banat Mountains, as so are the pools in the Minis Valley, the Buhui Lake and the Buhui cave. Read more here.Ada-S-600x399 Adrian-Per Untitled-152-600x337 Untitled-173-600x401 Untitled-193 Untitled-202-600x399 Untitled-211-600x450 Untitled-222-600x941source

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