A Complete Guide to Home Decorating for Beginners

Regardless of the size of the room or material available, the desire to decorate is perfectly natural. This is especially true for dormitories, apartments, and other homes where the design is pretty much a copy paste from one of hundreds of other similarly designed locations. In other words, you want your home to look like yours, and decorating is a great way to do that. once you’ve got your furniture, perhaps from an Amish furniture store, and got in place, it’s time to decorate.

home decorating

Have a Think First

Before you decorate, make sure to know the how and why of your decoration desires. Do you want posters and artwork, sculptures and cool lamps, or a mix of different sights and looks? Measure the area you want to decorate so you have a good idea of the space you have to work with at the time. Then consider your design scheme. Whether you want to do a rotating décor based on the seasons, a consistent color scheme, a style that is simple and clean, or just a few posters to cover the walls, think it over before you start buying stuff.

Posters and Artwork

Speaking of covering the walls, posters and framed photos or pictures are a great way to do that. That will help make the room look roomier and less drab. If you’ve ever spent a few minutes looking at the wall and considering if it looks to bare, consider putting something there. Be careful not to over crowd the walls though. Besides over stimulation, there’s the risk of people bumping into stuff.

Bits and Bobs

Grandparents used candy dishes and wooden sculptures picked up art sales. People nowadays use whatever nick-knacks they like as artwork. Whether you use actual art, like sculptures, a candy dish, or a fancy paperweight, if you want to add some odds and ends here and there to add some variety, feel free. Just don’t clutter it up too much, or you won’t have a place to set anything down.

Add Some Plants

A potted plot or two in the corners can liven up a room with some nice greenery. This can add some natural contrast that helps the room look livelier without adding a lot of extra stuff. Plants can make a mess though, but if they’re properly tended they can also add to the room’s look. A small shrub or tree of some sort are good options. If you want more practical plants, consider getting some herbs. That way you have greenery you can eat inside.

Consider a Theme

A theme or design aesthetic choice of some sort really helps to pull a room together. The rotating seasonal décor example from before is one such option. At a more involved level, you should consider decorations that compliment or delightfully contrast the furniture and room layout you have at present.

For example, a modern styled room with such furniture would benefit from modern art prints and a few metal sculptures. To liven up the metallic and plastic look, a plant or two would help. For a classical look based around wooden furniture, you might consider some well framed prints of classical artwork, some nice wooden coasters, and maybe a simple, yet decorative rug.  You can also check these Olive & Oak Interiors, serving Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas

Coordination is Key

This goes with theme selection to a degree, but when it comes to coordination, color is just as important as style. Dark colors go well with each other, darker woods, and silver and gold metals. Lighter colors work well with copper and gold metallic colors and lighter woods. This will help your theme selection when it comes time to set up your decorations.

Don’t Coordinate Too Much

This may seem hypocritical, but, when it comes to themes and coordination, you do want to avoid a look that’s too uniform and clean. That makes your place look like a department store showroom. If that’s the look you want, sure, but if not, consider some contrast or complimenting pieces to help break up the uniformity.

A dark colored rug in a light colored room with some contrasting art can do the job nicely. The reverse is also true. Playing with color and looks will help a lot to make a room look livelier and less like it came from a catalog.

Decorating should be fun, not a chore, if you do your research and know what you want from your decoration schemes and ideas, than you’re on the path to making your home look great and well, homey. Whether it’s a tiny apartment or your forever home, you want the décor to reflect your home and how much you enjoy living there. Pick your favorite colors, posters, art frames, and a potted plant and get to work. The decorations can be as involved or limited as you like. The point is to have fun and let the décor reflect your home and your personality.

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