A Simple Guide on How to Eat a Lobster

Ordering the most expensive meal on the menu is a surefire way to impress your date. But then, a surefire way to kill that moment is by eating that expensive meal like a total slob.

Crack, squish, slurp—is there a polite way to consume this unusually loud delicacy? Yes, there is. And we’ll show you how to do it in the step-by-step guide below.

Read this guide to learn how to eat a lobster with elegance and class.

  1. Twist Off the Claws

Twist the lobster’s claws off one at a time. Twist where the claw meets the body and keep twisting until they come loose.

  1. Crack the Claws

Whether your lobster is on a restaurant table or sent to your door by https://www.crabdynasty.com, they’re usually cooked alive with rubber bands restraining their claws. So start by removing the rubber bands from the claws if they are still in place.

Place the claw in a lobster cracker or nutcracker, then slowly clamp down on it until it cracks open. The larger claw will likely be harder to crack.

Once the claw is broken, remove the meat inside with a seafood fork. Dip the meat in butter and enjoy!

Repeat with the second claw.

  1. Twist Off the Tail

Next, flip the lobster onto its back. Fully unfurl the tail to prepare it for twisting.

Hold the body in one hand and the tail, right where it meets the body, in the other. With one firm twist, the tail should come free from the body.

Remove and eat the meat from the body with a seafood fork.

  1. Drain the Tomalley

Let’s pause here for a quick note on the tomalley. Tomalley is the squishy, green goop that sometimes pours out of the lobster’s body at this point. It’s the juices from the lobster’s liver.

You should not eat the tomalley.

Just like our livers do for us, lobsters’ livers filter harmful chemicals and other contaminants from their digestive tract. For lobsters, these contaminants include some really nasty stuff, like mercury.

Do yourself a favor and drain/scrape the tomalley away from the rest of your food. You may even want to wash it out in the sink.

On the other hand, if there are red dots inside your lobster tail, don’t panic. These are lobster eggs, known as roe, and are considered a delicacy.

  1. Break Off the Tail Flippers

This part’s easy. Simply snap off the flippers at the end of the tail and scrape what meat you can from them with the seafood fork.

  1. Split the Tail

You should be able to push the tail open with your thumb. Push the top of the tail with your thumb so that the meat bursts out through the underside.

If this doesn’t work, use a knife to split the tail lengthwise on the underside. Remove the dark vein and discard it.

The tail is most often said to have the most delectable meat on the animal. Pull out the meat, dip, and enjoy!

  1. The Legs

Lastly, twist off the legs one-by-one. To extract the meat, you’ll have to loosen it by biting down on each leg section. Then, dip it and suck out the meat.

How to Eat a Lobster

Now that you know how to eat a lobster, go out and get one! Order yourself (and your date) a lobster and eat up with style.

What did you think of our guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

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