Airloy: The New Super and The Most Versatile Material In The World And It’s Going To Change Everything

The science and the technology are going up with the unbelievable speed and everything when something new came up we are impressed. Every new innovation and every new material is here for changing your life and make it easier.
The most versatile material in the world may be here, and it’s going to change everything. Aerogels have been around for a while, but new innovations have made the technology even better and more useful. An aerogel is a low-density solid created through the extraction of liquid from gel using the process of supercritical drying. Most commonly, aerogels are made of silica, yet this material makes the super-light solid incredibly brittle. After years of research, scientists from NASA and other independent companies have created a new product, airloy.

Airloys combine the strength and durability of conventional plastics with the light weight, super-insulating properties seen in aerogels. Part of what makes this material so promising is its ability to be engineered for the extremes. Airloys are ultra low density, .01 to .9 g/c², which makes them the lightest solids on earth. Accompanying this low density are super-insulative properties and extreme material strength. Certain polymer based airloys can be engineered to handle an excess of 20,000 times their own weight. The difference between aerogels and airloys is demonstrated best in the video below. Take a look and enjoy!



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