Amazing And Fun DIY Idea For Storing And Playing With Legos

Legos – one of the most adorable kids toys that are useful for kids and fun and in the same time for kids creativity developing. I am sure that everyone loves legos. Just a small annoying problem is related with them i think that you can guess: all that mess when finished playing. It will be so brilliant if there was a cute and functional way to keep them contained. Luckily we have found one very creative and funny DIY solution – Fussy Monkey Business has the cutest Lego table with built in storage bin that you will love it. There are only a few easy steps that you should do to create this perfect DIY lego table.

 Find a table – maybe like this, very drab piece of furniture.


 Cut out the top


Color the table using a spray paint

3The plate was attached to the base of the table with liquid nails, and trimmed out with quarter round


Here is the final project so cool

4source Legosource vew more fussymonkeybiz

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