What Would Happen If The Earth Lost Oxygen For 5 Seconds

You all know how important oxygen for humans is, but have you ever wondered what would happen if the earth lost oxygen for 5 seconds?

You probably assume that we will stop breathing within 1 minute or so, but the real importance of the oxygen is much much bigger. There are things that will happen that haven’t even crossed your mind.  In fact, the consequences are much more beyond your expectation and sure they are not good at all. There is a list below with some of the consequences, so take a look at them and enjoy learning something new today. I have to admit, there were things that I didn’t know either!

There are certainly some things that climate changes are causing to planet Earth that you may not be aware of, so it’s a good idea to check them out too!

What would happen if the Earth lost oxygen for 5 seconds?

what would happen if there is no oxygen on earthsource

Everyone at the beach would immediately get sunburns, even though there would be no beach, no sand, and no water

Yeah, this is true. There is something in the oxygen that is protecting our skin from getting sunburnt, so if you are lying on the beach and the oxygen disappears for 5 seconds, you will immediately get sunburnt. I have to say that if there’s no oxygen the water will disappear too.

what would happen if oxygen disappeared for 5 minutessource

Molecular oxygen in the air protects our skin against UV light

what happens if oxygen is not in the airsource

The daytime sky would get dark

There would be no daytime!

what happens if oxygen is not there in the airsource

Fewer particles to bounce light mean a dark, almost black sky

If there are no particles that will bounce the light in the air, the sky will be almost black. This means that the days would be darker!

earth without oxygensource

All pieces of untreated metal would instantly spot-weld to each other

what happens when you run out of oxygensource

The only thing preventing metal from welding together on contact is a layer of oxidation

Did you know that if there isn’t a layer of oxidation over the metal it will weld immediately?

why is oxygen importantsource

Oxygen makes up 45% of the earth’s crust

what would happen if oxygen disappeared for 1 secondsource

Every building made out of concrete would turn to dust

This fact is really scary, isn’t it? Can you imagine all buildings that are made out of concrete turn to dust? If oxygen disappears for even a second from our planet, some really bad things are going to happen out there!

things you didn't knowsource

Water is 1/3 oxygen. Without it, hydrogen would turn into a gaseous state and expand in volume

oxygen factssource

Now, what if the amount of oxygen DOUBLED?

Now that you know what would happen if the oxygen disappeared, have you started to wonder what would happen if it doubled?

what would happen if oxygen doubledsource

Paper airplanes would fly further

Your paper airplane would travel a little bit further and it won’t fall on the ground immediately!

interesting factssource

We would get better gas mileage

You would be able to travel longer distances with the same gas amount! I bet that you’d love to be able to do that!


We would be happier and more alert

If the amount of oxygen doubled, humans are definitely going to be more alert and content.

facts you didn't knowsource

So, tell me honestly, what would you prefer? There are definitely some scary things that would happen if oxygen disappears! I kind of like the ones when oxygen doubles more! What about you? Let me know in the comments below!

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