Best Winter Tires for your SUV

Most drivers and especially SUV owners will tell you that it’s essential to have reliable winter tires. And the majority believes that no matter how good your SUV is, it all depends on the tires. If you look closely, you will find that winter tires’ design are more extreme than summer ones.

That’s because winter tires can control and pump out water, snow or salt and keeps the SUV going in the right direction unlike summer or all-season tires. There are a lot of different options when it comes to winter tires, but only few will match your wants and needs.

Getting The Best SUV Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to stay soft and grips to the road no matter how low the temperature is. Some all-season tires’ grippiness can decrease with cold weather. That’s why it’s essential to choose your SUV’s tires size and type carefully.


The size of the tires is very important when you’re getting a new set of tires for your SUV. You can get the same size as your summer or all-season tires, or you can change the size based on the type of road you’ll be driving on.

Types Of Tires

Studded Tires

If you drive every day and the roads are always covered with ice, then studded tires can be a perfect choice. Studded tires are made for icy roads because they have metal studs within the tread. These metal studs allow the tires to dig into the ice and allow a better driving experience than other SUV tires. However, as studded tires dig into the ice, they also dig into the pavement. And that can damage the roads. Some countries and states prevent using studded tires except during certain months, so you need to check with your state before purchasing one.


Non-Studded Tires

When the weather is not so cold, and the roads are snowy and not as slippery with ice, then non-studded tires are your best option. Non-studded tires are manufactured for handling snow and have a unique pattern for it.

Performance Tires

Performance winter tires are known for their tread depth, which is needed for good traction during cold weather. High-quality performance tires have a higher tread depth than all-season tires. And it allows the tires to pump out the water, mud or snow while driving. Well-performing SUV tires can help you not to lose control while driving in harsh conditions.

The Best Tires

When buying new winter tires for your SUV, you will find that there are a lot of options and brands. Which can make the process seem hard. However, to make the buying process easier for you, you should start thinking about the worst weather conditions that your country or state may face and the probability that it will occur. By stating these conditions, you will be able to know what exactly you need when buying new winter tires for your SUV. Most people prefer studded winter tires as they are grippy and more suitable for icy roads. But if you don’t have icy roads where you live, or your state doesn’t allow studded tires, then it will not fit your needs, and non-studded or performance tires can be better for you.

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