The Biggest Dogs In The World

Although they are real giants, the biggest dogs are incredibly cuddly. People often wonder which are the biggest dogs in the world, so we decided to have fun with this topic. Giant dogs are a rarity today, and usually most owners decide to buy or adopt small and dwarf dogs. Opinions about them are divided and often inaccurate. Many people think that big dogs are demanding and cause a lot of problems, but the truth is completely different. Biggest dogs are more stable and calm than small ones, so they are more suitable for an apartment and a small space. They need daily and long walks, but when they are indoors, these dogs are calm and in most cases lazy.

Indeed, some breeds are known for their size, strength and dedication. What are the criteria for determining which are the largest ones in the world? Firstly, it is the weight, it is usually at least 45 kg. Secondly, it is the height, which is always measured. Threatening appearance and stoic character are very important, as most breeds are bred for protection and conservation. Their owners are well acquainted with the huge kisses of their pets. Yes, and they can bring a lot more problems (in the form of broken furniture or damaged items) than the smaller ones. Even beside that, many people still prefer to have puppies of large breeds.

Which are the biggest dogs in the world?

Many would say that people choose big dogs for protection and their powerful appearance, but the owners of these breeds know that big dogs are very often the biggest cuddlers. Precisely because of their size, these gentle giants are calmer than small dogs because they possess more self-confidence. They are also, on average, more intelligent than smaller breeds. Bigger brain = higher canine IQ. But not only size plays a role in the intelligence of these dogs. Namely, large breeds throughout their history have been bred as working dogs, each breed has had its role in helping people.

The Biggest Dogs Breeds

There are several breeds that belong to the largest dog breeds. Due to the fact that dogs can grow to great heights, the largest breed in the world is the Great Dane. It is followed by the Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard and Kangal, Scottish Deerhound, Tamaskan Husky, Great Pyrenees, and more. Thus, the largest breed in the world is 71-86 cm in height, and can grow up to 106 cm; weight is 45 – 90 kg. The lifespan of the largest dog in the world is about 10 years. His temperament is confident, gentle, friendly, and very loyal.

The Swiss Mountain Dog is also one of those that can be said to be the largest breed in the world, although not officially. He is one of those who can be a little intimidating in appearance due to his size and muscularity, and in fact there is a big caress behind all this. You will recognize it by its size. They are a little behind the Great Dane in height and range between 60 and 70 centimeters, and they can weigh up to 73 kilograms. It has tricolor fur whose basic color is black, and then there are white and brown patterns.

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