Brilliant DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas That Make The Best Use Of Space

Cluttered homes can make you really nervous and anxious especially when you are in a hurry to find something and you simply can’t locate it. The kitchen is usually a spot in the house where plenty of dishes, pots, pans, and utensils are stored, and keeping a track of them requires a pretty good organization. In this article, I will share with you some DIY kitchen organization ideas that will help you make the best use of space. You will be surprised by all that space that is being left unused and you’d love to make some changes as soon as possible. Thinking about smart ways to organize your home in order to make it more functional is always a trend. Do you love to make changes in your living area in order to access things more easily and save your sanity? Don’t miss the ideas below!

DIY Pans Organization

How often do you struggle to find the pan you are looking for let alone its lid? This is my nightmare in the kitchen and I have to admit that I’m looking forward to recreating this storage idea. I’m going to insert an additional wire basket to the cabinet door that will hold all the lids, so everything will be in sight and easy to reach without having to take everything out to get the desired item.

diy kitchen organization on a budget

Wine Rack

Those who love wine are probably looking for a nice storage idea that will keep every bottle in a separate spot. If you are about to build a new cabinet, this wine compartment is an excellent idea to consider!

diy kitchen organization hacks

Vertical Dishes Storage

The vertical dish storage is the smartest thing that you can do in your kitchen. This storage idea is perfect for wide cabinets that are not enough tall to store plenty of dishes. But I bet that you are going to love it for your regular cabinets as well since every dish will be easily accessible and visible. You will just have to reach for it without having to move dishes that are stacked on top of it.

kitchen organization ideas

Mugs Organization

You have to think vertically a lot when thinking about smart DIY kitchen organization ideas. Make sure you use every free wall space for storage. Add racks that will hold your mugs and that will give a clear preview of them. Those who love to have lots of different mugs are going to be fascinated with this idea because they will finally have the chance to display this amazing form of art.

diy kitchen organization ideas dollar store

DIY Cabinet Organization

Small kitchens ask for additional organization units that will make the best use of space. This small mesh stacking shelf will provide you with the smartest cabinet organization ever! I’m in love with it and it’s the very next thing that I’m going to buy!

diy kitchen storage cabinet

Under-Shelves Storage

Have you ever considered attaching a storage basket under your shelf? Not only that will give you extra storage space it can make your kitchen look quite interesting and unique. If you have lots of spices that you don’t know where and how to store, this is an interesting idea that you should definitely take in consideration.

DIY shelves organization

Pegboard Kitchen Organization

Cooks make use of plenty of utensils in their kitchen adventures and if you love to prepare delicious meals I bet that you have them in abundance as well. Inserting a peg board on an empty wall in your kitchen can save you from a big mess and clutter in your home. Think creatively when it comes to DIY kitchen organization ideas because everything can be used in your kitchen in some pretty amazing ways that haven’t even crossed your minds.

DIY pegboard kitchen organization

Door Organizer

Have you just removed an old door shutter and you are wondering what to do with it? Stop and think for a while! Repaint it and refresh its look, and add it to your kitchen to help you with the organization.

DIY door organizer

DIY Canned Food Cabinet

You are going to be surprised by the amount of food that these cabinets can hold. Is there an empty space next to your fridge or maybe other cabinets? It’s great that you can easily make this craft on your own without having to hire a professional. If you just google for tutorials, I’m sure that you will get in the hang of it immediately and you will have this smart storage in no time for a very little budget.

DIY canned food cabinet tutorial

Under-Cabinet Storage

This under-cabinet storage idea is one of my favorites as well. Make use of magnets to use the empty space under your cabinets in an interesting way.

DIY under cabinet storage


Aren’t you fascinated with these DIY kitchen organization ideas that are so versatile and can fit in different kitchens? Which ones managed to impress you the most?

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