Deep Clean Your Kitchen: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deep cleaning any room in your house can feel overwhelming if it has been a while since you last did it, and the kitchen is probably one of the more difficult places to clean, but when you’ve finished, you’ll be pleased you put the effort in. There are many benefits of a deep clean, from hygiene to improving your mental health, and a thorough clean doesn’t need to be scary. By breaking up the tasks, you may find that you’ve finished faster than you’d expect

Quick cleaning

Before you get started with your deep clean, spend a few minutes doing a quick clean, putting away anything on the worktops, and removing items that don’t live in the kitchen. By taking this extra time to prepare the kitchen, you’ll save a significant amount of time in the long run, as you’ll not be moving items around as you clean.

Gather your supplies.

HomeViable recommends that you take out all the cleaning equipment you’ll need, and have it ready to use in a convenient spot. A combination of kitchen sprays, microfiber cloths, a scouring pad, a toothbrush, and a vacuum cleaner will be all you need for 90% of the work.


Your cabinets are where you store all your food, so it should be kept as clean as possible. Start at the very top, and if your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, the tops will likely need wiping down. Use a hand vacuum to suck up all the dust and a duster to take care of anything that your vacuum misses. You can then take your all-purpose kitchen spray and wipe the tops of your cabinets clean. If you find that your cabinets are getting incredibly dusty, a great trick is to lay wax paper over the tops, and then remove and replace them every few weeks or months.


Remove any blinds or other coverings your windows may have and wash these separately, as there’s a good chance they will have accumulated grease and food splatters from cooking. Spray the windows with either a bespoke spray or use water and vinegar for a chemical-free alternative. While you’re there, don’t forget to open the windows and clean any gaps and the tracks where the window shuts; dirt can gather here quickly without you noticing.

Clean the surfaces.

Work from the top down and clean every surface in the kitchen, from the worktops to the walls, light switches, and doorknobs. A microfiber towel is ideal for polishing and shiny surfaces, and when you’ve finished, take anything that lives on the worktops and return them.


Vinegar and water are again a great combination for cleaning sinks, and a toothbrush is a perfect tool to get in all the nooks and crannies. Finish off the surface with a polishing cloth to leave your sink shining.


Take all your appliances such as your fridge and washing machine out, so that you can clean behind them. You may find that quite a lot of dirt and debris has found its way behind your appliances, so you may need a vacuum cleaner and a heavy mop to get the floor and walls clean again.

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