DIY Sock Animal Dolls – Fun For Whole Family

Hey, hey, are you trying to find some inspiration for the lazy holydays? This post is exact what you need. All you need is will for doing something fun for your little kids or nephews, and some old socks or winter knitted glows. The inspiration, let be given by our side.

We want to show you how to surprise the little ones with some new toy – doll without spending a dollar.So, are you ready? Firs, find few old without pair sock, it is preferable to be in different color. Second you need needle and thread, and finally you need cotton for filling the toy. Socks and glows are best for making animal toys, and from our suggestions you will see, how nice and cute they are. With some imagination you would make whatever animal from snake to hours. It would be fun if you make the favor animals of your kids. They can also be involved in the process because making this doll are easier then everything.

1.Baby Sock Monkey

eo-1 source

2.sock caterpillar

eo-2 source

3.Plush soft sculpture monster.

eo-3 source

4.Sock chicken

eo-4 source

5.Plush sock snail

eo-5 source

6.Sock Giraffe

eo-6 source

7. Sock Dog

eo-7 source

8.sock giraffe doll

eo-8 source

9.Socktopuss and Sock-Cock

IM000146.JPG source

10.Sock flamingo

eo-10 source

11.plush elephant

eo-11 source

12. sock mouse

eo-12 source

13.sock alien doll

eo-13 source

14.plush fox doll

eo-14 source

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