Magnificent Wedding Cake For a Fairytale Wedding

No matter if “once upon a time” or “very recently”, every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, with her prince Charming standing next to her. The wedding place is magical and the wedding cake is, of course, the top of the cherry – a truly masterpiece. Well, the good news are that in the present days anything is possible, even the prince Charming if you are lucky enough. But, after all, the most real think in this kind of wedding would be, its Majesty the cake. Ohhhh yes, fairytale cakes are very real and very popular lately.

Wedding preparation takes months. It is really not a long time when you consider how many things need to be done before the big day. In addition to choosing a wedding dress, music, wedding hall and its decoration, there is another very important item – the wedding cake.


If it seems to you that choosing a wedding cake is not a difficult task, you probably haven’t faced this task yet. In the sea of ​​delicious cakes of different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to choose just one. What should you think about when it comes to wedding cakes? This is something you should start from. When it comes to wedding cakes, nowadays, there is a wide range of pastry shops. There you can find the one you’re looking for. The size of the cake will best be determined by your guest list. Although not all guests are sweets lovers, it is necessary to provide a piece of cake for each of them.

Usually, 100 to 120 grams per guest is expected. If you are not planning other cakes than the main one, the wedding cake, you can also order 150 grams per guest. When it comes to wedding cake, the price is usually calculated per kilogram, so the size will determine the amount.


Cakes for weddings with more guests will logically be larger. The tradition is that the cake has 3 layers, but nowadays they are made significantly larger. They are with five to six layers, which are mostly round in shape, although they can also be square. When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, the bride usually has an idea of ​​what her ideal cake should look like. But as the day approaches, it is done more and more research. Then you come to the moment when the most beautiful wedding cakes are in front of you, and you have to decide on one.


When it comes to the appearance of the cake, you also have to think about their shape. Formal wedding cakes have long ceased to be classic cakes, today some can even be called masterpieces. Often, the cake is in the same shade as the wedding dress, i.e. white, beige or gold. They might have additional rhinestones or zircons on the dress, which can accompany the appearance of the cake. If you wear a wedding dress with lace, a lace motif can be found on the cake.

They come in any shapes, sizes and designs. Anything form medieval and classy to extremely modern. If the couples who are looking for remarkable and distinctive atmosphere this is the cake they should turn to. This cake can be designed as far as your imagination goes – ball gowns, prince and princess on a horse, crowns and tiaras, castles… the sky is the limit! You can be creative with your cake as much as you like. If you are blocked on ideas, do not worry, we have made a collection of great ideas on how your fairytale cake could look like. Take a look!

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