Festivals and cultural event you can experience in Maldives

The Maldives is renowned for its idyllic beaches and blue lagoons and vibrant reefs and coral reefs; the Maldives are one of the top destinations in terms of tranquil island getaways.

You can add to this an extensive cultural heritage rooted in Islamic religious beliefs and national pride, and you’ve got yourself an ideal holiday destination that is full of celebrations, national holidays and other traditional celebrations to take part in the festivities!

  1. Ramadan Festival of Maldives
    Ramadan is September 9, which is part of the Islamic or Lunar calendar. Muslims perform fasting, prayer, charity and reflection for 30 days. Plan your Maldives tour in September to experience this festival in Maldives. The final three days of Ramadan is thought to be even more significant as it is believed to mark the month that Prophet Muhammad revealed the Korans (Quran) initial verses.The majority of people within the Maldives are Muslim. The government offices are only open from 9 am to 1.30 pm, and most private workplaces are closed by 3 pm after lunch. In contrast, hotels and resorts don’t suffer from the festival. It is among the ideal times to visit the Maldives since you will try a wide variety of traditional dishes that are only available during the festival.Some restaurants also have specially-designed Iftar (evening meal to break the fast) food items on their menus. Take a taste of Ramadan juices with exotic apricot, rose, and Lamartine flavours. It also includes events of the cultural kind, such as performances by bands of music, belly dancers, belly dancers, and fire dancers.


  1. Eid in the Maldives
    If you’re looking for the most memorable feast of the year for the best holiday of the year, the Eid Festival is the place to be. It is held at the end of Ramadan during September Eid provides a great opportunity to experience the rich cultural marvels of the Maldives religion.The festival typically lasts around three days, during which lavish meals are cooked across the country. Eid Ul Adha festival of Maldives is among the main religious festivals celebrated by Maldivians. This festival is also known under many names such as”the Festival of Sacrifice,” Eid-e Qorban, Qurbani Eid and many more.


  1. Eid Ul Adha
    Eid Ul Adha is one of the most important religious celebrations for Maldivians. It is also known by various names like The Festival of Sacrifice, Eid-e Qorban, Qurbani Eid, etc. The festival is observed on the 10th date of Thul Hijjah, which is the 12th month and the last month in the Islamic calendar.It is considered to be the most significant feast in the Muslim calendar. Muslims across the globe observe the three-day event to commemorate the decision to sacrifice Abraham, the prophet Abraham in the name of God.Within Maldives the Maldives, the festival is called Bodu Eid. People gather on the islands to catch huge bodu fish by weaving palm leaves. Bodu Eid is based on the mythological belief that gigantic fish and ghosts appeared from the sea.

    With the aid of a holy man, the locals could catch the massive fish, despite the difficulties. Malli Neshun, also known as a ghost dance, is performed by the locals who paint their faces and dress like ghosts.


  1. Republic Day
    Republic Day is of particular importance since it was on this celebration that the Maldives became a republic after a decade of being a monarchy. In the end, the republic was established in 1953, and however, it was not able to end for a long period, while the monarchy reestablished at the same period.Maldives republic day holds significant significance because it was the day the Maldives became a republic after a long time as a monarchy.


  1. Victory Day
    A historical event in the Maldives is often referred to as Victory Day. This day was in the year 1988. Sri Lankan mercenaries failed to topple the incumbent president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.The seat of the government in Male was taken over by the Indian Air Force. It was fortunate that there were no casualties from the battle. So, this holiday can be referred to as Victory Day. It is marked by parades in the military, costumes, dances, and good cheer.


  1. Whale Shark Festival
    The annual festival in August is a celebration of the incredible marine life on the island and the sacred bond between the locals and the sea. Conservationists, marine biologists, schoolchildren, and artists from local communities come together to share folk tales, exchange information and craft beautiful, artisanal items.

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