French Fries And Their History

French Fries. Definitely the most common answer for most people on the question ”What is your favorite food”? They are delicious, easy to prepare and so widely the world accepted as one of the most favorite foods among different generations. There is almost no person that doesn’t enjoy these delicious chippy chips.  Do you prefer them crinkle cut or maybe spicy peri-peri? Do you enjoy skin-on, sweet potato or triple-cooked gastro? Do you want them drenched in vinegar, topped with cheese and bacon, or maybe with ketchup? Do you prefer them with meat or fish? No matter the way they are prepared and served they are definitely delicious at any way. But, do you know how and where from everything started? Here is the history of the French fries and all you need to know about your favorite snack.

Who invented French Fries first?

No matter their origins they are considered to be one of the most international foods that everybody enjoys eating.

But, it all had to start from somewhere first, right? The Belgians strongly believe that they were the first to enjoy the potatoes and at the way of chips, so the approached UNESCO with a petition seeking the heritage status for their fries.

The French, on the other way, strongly believed that they, not the Belgians, were the pioneers in fried potatoes snack.

But, in actual facts, the first origins of the French Fries are dating from Latin America. Chilean writer Francisco Núñez de Pineda y Bascuñán has spoken of being served with fried and stewed potatoes in 1629, while attending a dinner. It is believe that the name of the French Fries in fact comes from his name too.


Cooking Methods

In his book The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery, published in 1903, famous French chef Auguste Escoffier advises that once cut into batons, square at the ends, potatoes should be deep fried ‘until crisp on the outside and soft in the centre’.

And until today there is no other better way to prepare the most delicious French fries. People have repeated this cooking method since then, preparing French fries and serving them as a side dish with meat, fish or just fries. But, we should admit that this cooking method comes with a large amount of oil that is concerning the health associations who pretend to make people avoid unhealthy fats food and replace it with healthier food such as fruits and vegetables.

The Healthier Oven Chip

And here is the solution. In order to avoid the oiled French fries that are not good for our health, there is invented a healthier way for preparation of the most favorite people’s snack, the oven chip without oil and fats. Nowadays you can find a huge range of oven chips on the market that you can prepare on a healthier way. Now you can have your favorite food in a healthier way, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat it every day. Oven chips may be a healthier version of fried French fries, but no one recommends eating them very often.

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