Gardening Tricks You Didn’t Know: Plants to Grow Side-By-Side In Order To Grow Healthy Fruit

With the spring here it has officially started the season of gardening and planting different vegetables in our gardens. But sometimes gardening can’t be that easy like planting the seeds and collecting the fruits. You must spend a whole process before your fruit is ready to be collected, that includes some gardening tricks to help your plants grow. One of them in to mix different plants one net to the other in order to help each of them having the best growing environment. Below we have selected some of them that best grow one alongside the other. See the list below and use it the next time you plant any of these plants in your garden.

Cauliflower and Dwarf Zinnias

To protect your cauliflowers from ladybugs then plant dwarf zinnias, whose nectar will lure the ladybugs, next to your cauliflower field.


Collards and Catnip

Collars usually suffer flea-beetle damages that can be easily avoided if you plant catnip alongside them. Catnip also help repealing mosquitoes so you will have more than only one benefit by planting them next to collars.


Cucumbers and Nasturtiums

One way to grow cucumbers is to plant nasturtiums nest to them. There are more advantages of planting nasturtiums next to cucumber, and the biggest one is that they can serve as a habitat for predatory insects like spiders and ground beetles that would otherwise attack cucumbers.


Lettuce and Tall Flowers

If you enjoy eating lettuce but the sun is burning it in the garden you plant it, then here is a planting trick for you to keep it fresh. Plant nicotiana (flowering tobacco)  next to the lettuce because it can give the lettuce the light shade that it needs to grow the best.


Marigolds and Melons

Here is an amazing way to keep your melon fruits healthy and tasty without using chemical treatments; just plant marigold flowers next to them and they will control the nematodes in the roots of melon all the time.


Potatoes and Sweet Alyssum

Potatoes are one of the vegetable mostly attacked by insects, such as predatory wasps. In order to save your potatoes from them you can plant sweet alyssum alongside the potatoes. You will get an extra sweet fragrance during the whole summer by planting sweet alyssum too.


Roses and Garlic

One way to keep your roses amazing is to plant garlic next to them. Bulbs that exist in garlic can help repealing rose pests. Garlic small purple or white flowers in late spring also look so adorable, so that you will have an amazing garden of roses and garlic when blooming they both.


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