What Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Celery Every Day

Celery may not be one of people’s favorite food, but it is definitely one of the healthiest ever existing. Because of the trend of healthy eating and healthy diets that have become very popular nowadays, people started to include celery in their diet more often. Celery is considered to be a negative calorie, or at least low calorie food so if you are watching your body line, then you must include it in your everyday diet definitely. Below we have presented you even more reasons why you should eat celery every day. See what will happen to your body if you eat celery every day and include it in your eating routine too.


Weight loss

Celery is one of those low calories foods, and it is even considered to be negative calories food, so you should definitely include it in your diet if you are planning to lose some extra weight on a healthy way. Celery is also rich with fibers, about 1.6 grams per cup, so you will feel full long after you eat it. It is also very rich with water, which is very important because helps you stay hydrated and lose weight easier.

Aids digestion

A lot of people are indeed fat because of their slow digestive system. Digestion is the process of converting the food we eat into usable fuel and it is very important to keep our body nourished. One of the driving factors for more efficient digestion is fiber. Because celery is very rich of fiber, it help you avoid constipation, and contribute to absorbing available nutrients in your body.


Lowers Cholesterol

Researchers have determined that celery has a tongue-twisting compound called 3-n-3butylphataline which can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels in people body. So, if you are having such healthy problems then you should include celery in your everyday diet.

Boost Brain Power

Inflammation is considered to be a killer anywhere it appears in people’s body, including the brain. Celery on the other hand contains flavonoids that can reduce inflammation. Celery indeed contains luteolin, a type of flavonoid, which lowers the aging-related memory loss in older mice.

Treats Kidney stones

Celery contains a lot of water and that is the main reason it helps treating kidney stones. People having such healthy problems know that hydration is a key part of the treatment. And because of the big amount of water in celery it is considered to be a natural medicine for kidney stone among the medical treatment.


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