Healthy Pasta Substitutes From Vegetables You Need To Try

Pasta is definitely one of the most favorite foods for many people. They are easy to cook and there are endless list of recipes that you can use to cook them. But, because people nowadays try to eat healthier, they try to search for pasta substitutes that they can eat instead of their favorite pasta. When people search for pasta substitutes the first food that comes into their mind are definitely vegetable. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and all that good stuff, plus plenty of fiber. Vegetables can be cut into so many different ways, so if you try a little more, you can get a perfect pasta substitutes not only according to the containing substances, but according to their look too. If you are a real food lover you can try a little more and make real spaghetti from cucumbers, for example. Below read much more vegetables that can be used as healthy pasta substitutes and try to prepare some of them the next time you planned to prepare pasta.


Zucchini and cucumbers

Zucchini and cucumbers can be perfect substitutes for pasta. To get perfect cucumber or zucchini “pasta” cook until they barely tender for about 1 to 2 minutes, and then drain. You can season them with sesame, chili, lemon, butter and other herbs.

Squash and sweet potatoes

Spaghetti squash are definitely the most “spaghetti looking” alternative pasta. Once they are cooked they really look like typical spaghetti. Because of their neutral flavor they can be perfectly combined with different types of sauces.


Other perfect substitutes for pasta are eggplants. They can be cooked on so many different ways. You can cut them into small slices and use them to prepare vegetables lasagna layering them into baked casseroles.


Beets are also one of the foods that you can use to substitute pasta in your menu. You can prepare them roasted or steamed and then thinly shaved with mandolin, rolled in perfect ravioli layered with goat cheese or mozzarella and drizzled with herb olive oil.

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