Ingenious Idea For Extra Kitchen Storage

Today, more and more apartments are being built with small areas, which should be used wisely. We have a situation where we get mini apartments, with significantly smaller rooms than our desire. The biggest challenge is the kitchen, which is very challenging to design. And so, a small kitchen becomes a big concern, because problems arise when we need to install devices that we need for normal functioning. But in this situation, the space does not allow us to do that. We will share with you one amazing trick how to achieve functionality in such small kitchens. You can get extra kitchen storage, without giving up the devices you need for everyday use.

There is almost no storage space in the kitchen of small dimensions, so every piece must be cleverly designed. Most of the space remains in the upper, hanging elements. Care should be taken to use the height of the space and to place the hanging elements up to the ceiling. Find a place for the little things and always keep them in place, because the work surface is limited. You don’t have to bury it with decorations or other items you use when cooking. A clean surface also contributes to the general impression of tidiness. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

Ideas For Extra Kitchen Storage

Small kitchens can be problematic for passionate chefs. You are limited by storage space which means the kitchen can quickly become cluttered. Lack of work surfaces also makes food preparation difficult. Your meal preparation can easily turn into a Tetris game. When you have limited space for kitchen cabinets, add small shelves above the existing shelves, to hold things like plates, cups, glasses or cans. This not only helps to make better use of the small space, but also makes it look tidier and easier for you.

Cabinets under the sink are rarely equipped with shelves, so if you add them yourself, you get a great way to organize and store all the necessary cleaning products. You can even go a step further and add small baskets next to the shelves. It might be good for storing cloths, sponges and brushes. You can add napkin hooks and dishwashing gloves.

Clever Ideas For Storing Cans

Everyone of us want to have perfect kitchen with the latest upgrades. New kitchen counters and cabinets can be a beautiful thing. A lot even spent thousands of dollars to make them stylish. But will you agree with our conclusion that always we are in a constant looking for more storage space.
Run out of space for storing cans. Over time we seem to accumulate more and more cans until we simply run out of space. But i have always been impressed by creative people who give some good solution.

Elisa Bernick has made a great video to teach us a great hack and DIY trick to modify your existing shelving and make it much better for storing cans. Check it out below and enjoy!

Elisa Bernick, writer, author and journalist

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