She Installed IKEA Spice Racks UPSIDE DOWN! She Uses Them In The Bathroom For THIS And It is Brilliant

Dear friends i m pretty sure that almost all of you have visited the IKEA at least once in the life. I love those budget friendly and DIY pieces of furniture. There are so many creative things where the ikea pieces can be used instead of their normal use. There are a lot of Ikea hacks around and they are so useful. Probably you have seen the IKEA’s bekvam spice rack and there are so many clever way how to use this checp thing in your home. Watch some clever ideas below and enjoy.

Craft room shelves

Using a few of the shelves to store everything craft related this is easy way that will help you a lot and it will make smaller stuff easy to find without having to pack it all away in drawers.


Cleaning supplies

Hang a few on the back of a closet door to double the amount of storage.


Cup cabinet

You’ll always be able to tell if you need to run the dishwasher by seeing how many drinking glasses are left.


Bathroom vanity for him

Perfect organizer and there is space for everything after this.


Changing station

Keep everything you need to get the baby ready for the day, or ready to end the day, or really for any point during the day, all in one spot.


Nail polish organizer

The great part about the gap between the bar and the bottom of the rack is that you can still see all of your colors!


Wall decor

It’s the perfect little shelf for holding a vase of flowers, and it also doubles as a key hanger


Toilet paper holder


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