The Trick Is Revealed: Here Is The Secret Behind The Levitating Performers

Dear friends probably when you have traveled and visited a bid places you have met the life performers around the center of the city. You can meet all type starting from musicians finished with illusionists.
There’s something about those sidewalk magicians that are truly mind-boggling, though. More recently, there has been an increase in a particular kind of street performance, being the levitating act in which the performer essentially mimics the levitating Yogis of India. Needless to say, this trick has left many people in awe because it seems so amazing.


It is some kind of variation of a human statue just the levitating performer seems to defy the laws of physics by floating on nothing other than a cane (or staff) making it look as if they are in a deep meditative state.


The truth behind the magic is actually much more simple than you could imagine. The street performers use a variety of hidden pieces in order to comfortably support themselves and, as a result, they appear to be levitating. Their extremely baggy clothing is what hides the platform that they use to sit on, as well as the other components of the support.4source

Pretty simple tricks and seems so amazing


See the video below for more detailed info


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