Interesting Facts about Essay Writers and Where to Hire the Best Ones

There is always a debate regarding whether to buy or not to buy academic writing papers, but here we would like to pay attention to another interesting and related subject. We know that students would really like to know who stands behind their custom written essays. So we are ready to provide you with some insights about freelance writers. Along with that, we will give some hints on where to hire the best ones, or at least how to choose the place where to order your opinion essay or term paper.

4 Facts about Academic Essay Writers

  1. ESL Writers are not Always Worse than ENL Writers. Most of the writing agencies advertise their writers – native speakers of English language (ENL), as they imply they are always more efficient when it comes to dealing with some particularly difficult assignments. However, lots of ESL writers are much more diligent as they had to work hard to reach a current level of English language. It means that you should not give up on ESL writers, especially when it comes to not the most complicated tasks. Some agencies rightfully want more money for the papers written by ENL writers, as they also have to pay them more. Don’t get angry with this practice, but better appreciate it. Lot’s of companies only pretend that they have only ENL writers in their team, so it is better to acknowledge those who set up a fair pricing policy from a very beginning.
  2. Academic Writers Are Eager to Communicate. Many clients think that they should just send an assignment and forget about it before the deadline. You definitely can do so, and the result most probably won’t be bad. However, essay writers say that mostly they are more than open to communication and truly appreciate when clients share some ideas with them. It is a mistake to think that it is better not to bother an assigned writer. Communication guarantees that the final result will be accepted, so writers are really open to suggestions. Don’t lose this opportunity and ask questions, ask for some hints, ask where writers get references, etc. Establishing friendly relationship is always useful. If you like a particular writer, you can always ask to assign him or her to write the next paper sample for you. There are also some rules established by the academic writing company, and it is better if you respect them. For example, you should not exchange personal contact and hire writers directly. It is considered to be very unethical, and writers can be severely fined for such actions, so it is better not to provoke them.
  3. Essay Writers Are Walking Encyclopedias. Of course, mostly, writers cover only some disciplines. There are technical writers and those whose expertise lies in the field of English Literature and History. However, in their fields they deal with the enormous amount of information: they do research, they analyze the received results and structure them. Obviously, they cannot remember everything, but writing several times on one topic writers increase their understanding of it greatly. This is one of the reasons why academic writers deal with papers much faster and more efficient than you do. You are not less smart; you are just less experienced. More of it, writers create lists of references and useful sources which they can reach in a matter of minutes, while you might need hours to find the same amount of relevant sources.
  4. Essay Writers Like to Write and Hate to Rewrite. It is one of the funny secrets of the academic writing world — writers prefer to write papers from scratch than to deal with someone else’s drafts. They also hate to edit existing papers. The problem is, most of them have their own logic and seeing some not very well-written paper they try to make it as sound as possible, but they are still paid as for a rewrite. However, it doesn’t mean that they will edit or rewrite your paper worse than you would. The quality of the final draft is guaranteed by the Proofreading department.

Where to Find the Best Academic Writers

You can’t look for the best writers, but you can look for the best agencies and they will most probably have the best writers. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a particular agency:

  • Transparent Pricing policy;
  • Money back guarantee;
  • Flexible Revision policy
  • Full access to the assigned writer;
  • Price calculator;
  • No hidden payments;
  • Confidentiality guarantee;
  • Guaranteed proofreading;
  • Sophisticated and advanced anti-plagiarism check;

Essay writing market exists as long as exists academic writing itself. If you are eager to become a part of it, make sure to find a reputable writing service with professional essay writers you can hire online.

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