17 Ways Of Support For Movember

It is a men’s month, but definitely the most supported by the women. The Movember is celebrating its 23rd appearance, when a group of friends from Australia started the initiative to grow a mustache for raising awareness for the men’s health. It became worldwide popular, and everyone loved it. Women especially showed support by décor some unusual things in movember mood, with putting some subtle and minimal signs on everything it can be imagined. 

What is Movember?

Every year during November, world famous people help to raise awareness about diseases that mainly attack the male population. But with regular checkups, they can be detected and treated in time. Part of the activities accompanied by the symbolic growing of a mustache or beard or simply taking pictures with a mustache also help to improve nutrition, include sports activities in life in order to prevent conditions that can lead to diseases. November is definitely a man’s month. Since 1999, November 19 has been celebrated as International Men’s Day. This month is dedicated to the “Movember” movement. “Movember” is a combination of two words – the Australian slang abbreviation for “moustache” – “mo” and “November”.

When it all started?

It is a movement that emerged in Australia as a challenge to grow mustaches and beards. All that in support and awareness of men’s diseases. It all started in November 1999. Then when a few friends from Adelaide, Australia agreed not to shave their mustaches for a whole month. About 30 people joined the bet, and stuck to their decision. Just a few years later, in 2004, in Melbourne, 400 men joined the idea. Now a Foundation was formed to raise money for prostate cancer research. The movement by growing a mustache (and sometimes and / or a beard) then gained a global character.

In 2007, similar events began to be organized in: Ireland, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States. So now tens of thousands of people around the world join Movember every year. In addition to growing a mustache, the month of November is dedicated to numerous educations. It is about mental support in dealing with this type of cancer, support in treatment as well as spreading awareness about men’s health.

What is happening nowadays?

Very quickly, Movember grew into a global health action aimed at early diagnosis of as many diseases of the male population. It might be prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other problems that affect men’s mental health. By raising men’s awareness of regular check-ups, serious consequences are prevented. That is why it is recommended for men up to 50 years old to do it at least once a year.

You can find your original way to show support, too. We would just inspire you with some ideas that girls all over the world made, and have surprised their friends. The ideas are so easy and fun, and can be done by yourself. The more simple and subtle they are, the more effective the idea is. So, grab some black marker or piece of paper, and express your feelings now. 

























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