My Mom Told Me Vinegar Was Useful. But I Never Imagined That It Could Do THIS… Amazing!

The vinegar is common household item and i ‘ m sure that everyone have at least one bottle right now. But instead using only in salads vinegar has another useful functions that you probably didn’t know.
white vinegar is created by fermenting ethanol with acetic acid bacteria to create the acetic acid that is then mixed with some water. Super simple but also super versatile!
My mom already use vinegar in some cleaning hacks but there are another uses that are really impressive.

The popular YouTube Chanel HouseholdHacker has 10 genius uses that you should know.
Take a look at the video below and enjoy!

Some of the uses are:

Unclogging a drain, Remove sticky residues, Get rid of wrinkles in your clothes

Watch the video below and see more.


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