Popular Fun Food Options

Children have varying personalities, preferences and hobbies. Some children are picky eaters. They only eat what they want. Moreover, their preferred taste changes all the time. This makes feeding them quite challenging. On the other hand, there are children who will eat literally anything. As long as they can hold something, they will try to put it in their mouths. Both of these types of children respond positively to one type of food. Fun food! As long as the food looks fun, they will eat it heartily. Here are some fun food options that you can feed your child.

1. Colorful food

Children love different fun colors. Therefore, they naturally prefer to eat colorful food. With this mind, you can create colorful meals for your kids. These dishes can be called rainbow meals. Not only will it inspire their curiosity, rainbow meals are actually very good for them. By eating food that contains ingredients of various colors, your children gain access to a wide variety of nutrients. They proceed to grow healthy and strong.


2. Interesting food

What is your child currently interested in? Do they have a favorite subject? Are they currently into a particular sport? Find out what they currently find cool and adapt their food to match it. For example, if your child is currently interested in geography, you can cut their vegetables into little mountains. You can even arrange rice on the food like snow. Pick whatever they are interested in and transform their food to match it.

3. Give the food some fun names

Children love playing make-believe. You can use this characteristic to give their food some interesting names. Pick a name that your child can pronounce easily. In addition to that, make sure that it is memorable. By doing so, you can help them to assign a personality to their food and interact better with it. For example, you can call broccoli “baby trees” while tomatoes can be called “big berries”.

4. Present the food in a fun way

A great way to make your child’s food more fun is to give it some interesting shapes. You can present their fruits in the shapes of stars, circles or squares. You can even skewer their berries together. If your child is particularly resistant to eating their vegetables, you can arrange the veggies in the shape of their favorite cartoon. If your child loves the theme park, you can arrange their food to look like a Candy Floss Maker. Best of all, you can provide your child with a dip. Children love to dip their food into things. For this purpose, provide them with a bowl of yogurt. They can dip their food into the yogurt and then eat it.

5. Let them participate in grocery shopping

Many parents don’t know that their children would love to help out. They enjoy doing adult things with you. Bring them along the next time that you are shopping for some groceries. Teach them the names of the various foods. Moreover, let them help you in making choices about the items that you will pick. This makes the food appear more fun after it has been prepared.

Food is a necessary part of life. By using the tips and guidelines indicated above, you can make it a fun part of life too. The tips above can help you to make food more interesting for your child. By implementing them in your child’s life, you can turn meal times into fun times!

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