Puppy Prep Your Family And Your Home

Around 44% of all households in America have a dog which translates to 78 million dogs having an owner. If you’re considering getting a dog, there are a few things to consider before phoning up the breeder or local pet shelter. Preparing the home for the arrival of said furbaby requires an investment into their own personal gear, and also ensuring the family knows what to expect. Whether this is doing research on pet food or Googling puppy training schools, being prepared for the newest addition to the family makes the transition a lot simpler.


You May Have To Support The Pet Industry A Little

While you don’t have to purchase the latest gimmicks and fancy pet accessories, there are a few basics that every puppy should have. This includes:

  • A comfortable pet bed or kennel

  • Feeding and water dishes

  • A chew toy to spare your furniture and expensive shoes

  • A pet blanket for colder months

  • Dog shampoo and something to keep the fleas at bay

  • A brush for dogs with longer, thicker fur

  • A collar and leash

These will all play a part in the various stages of development and may not all be required at first.

Food Deserves Special Attention

While it’s tempting to let them chew on a piece of beef jerky or giving them scraps from your dinner, dogs have very intricate digestive systems. Also, dogs are susceptible to various ailments that range from kidney failure to developing diabetes with the wrong diet. According to pet expert Kate Barrington, pet food is specially formulated to provide all the nutrients a puppy might need. There are different formulas for the various age groups and it’s also helpful to look out for those specifically designed for smaller or larger breeds.

Training Starts At Home

One of the best ways to make a puppy feel at home, is to introduce it to the order of the pack as soon as possible. This means determining ahead of time who will be the disciplinarian and trainer. This is also a good chance to delegate the various responsibilities of caring for a puppy, such as who takes care of feeding the pup, bathing, and cleaning up. It’s also important to schedule regular checkups to ensure vaccinations and deworming is up to date. By delegating these tasks upfront, the whole family can enjoy the company of the pup and know exactly what they’re responsible for.

Bringing a puppy home for the first time can be a tremendously exciting experience with the proper planning.

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